Manual Backlinks Your Site Must Have

The process of SEO is a marathon. Not sure if there is a ending, but there is surely a beginning. Off-page SEO is the most discussed topic of each online marketeer, no doubt.

Over time you will build experience and develop some good techniques. This will result in automation of your link building process. However, you must know that many SEO experts first started with building manual backlinks.

There was a time when Google valued the quantity of the backlinks. Through out time they started to “measure” the values of the backlinks. It was then that the quality over quantity algorithm was developed.

Variety of backlinks is a “must-policy”, but there are some type of backlinks you can’t ignore. Especially not the Web 2.0 kind of backlinks.

What You Will Learn

What is Web 2.0 and why these backlinks are important for our site.
Which are the must-have backlinks that our site must have.
How else you can build manual backlinks that will bring visitors to your site.

Building a Web 2.0 Manual Backlinks

The term Web 2.0 refers to social networks, blogs, Wikis and similar Web applications. I will use two metrics to measure the value of each site, PageRank(PR) and the Moz Domain Authority(DA) metric.

Don’t be confused about the Web 2.0 expression. This is actually a website as well. The difference is its purpose:
How to build manual backlinks

Note that you may go all the way and create all those backlinks one by one, which will take some time. Or you can use FCS Networker – a Social Link Building Tool to create a large amount of Social and Web 2.0 accounts easily.

You may notice in the pictures that some of my profiles are new. That’s because they are made in the moment of writing this post. So, bare with me!

1. WordPress – PR 9, DA 100.
One of the most powerful and popular blogging platforms, along with Blogger. You can create your own page, with your brand or your name. Add the links in the profile page. You may even write a post or two with your link in your desirable anchor text.

Aleksandar Stojkov on WordPress

2. Tumblr – PR 8, DA 98.
Create your own page, add images and your own links. Links are DoFollow. You can add them into the content using your favorite anchor as many times you like.

I really don’t like to favor none of this websites. But if I have to, Tumblr will definitely be the one.

3. About me – PR 7, DA 92.
You can quickly add your bio when creating your page. Make sure you add your website link in the links section.

Aleksandar Stojkov in AboutME

4. BrandYourself – PR 5, DA 63.
Create a personal biography. Insert your website link as anchor. You can interlink your social profiles as well. They do have a paid version, but the free version works just fine too.

5. Facebook – PR 9, DA 100.
Being one of the most famous social networks, can’t say their backlinks are important as well. You can add your website in the about section of your profile.

6. Twitter – PR 10, DA 100.
Links are NoFollow as Twitter uses an URL shortener. But believe me, once you are able to make your post retweeted, results can be extraordinary. In addition, you can add your website as a naked URL in the link field as well.

7. Instagram – PR 9, DA 97.
You may include one link in the settings section. The link is NoFollow, but it’s good to have. Besides, NoFollow links play huge role in ranking factors too.

8. Pinterest – PR 9, DA 100.
On the contrary of Instagram, Pinterest backlink is a DoFollow one. Don’t forget to verify your website. You can do this by uploading an html file in the root of your domain.

9. Reddit – PR 8, DA 99.
Having account here is probably worth it since the links are DoFollow. Links are posted directly. Just click on “submit a new link” and post your link.

Manual backlins on reddit

10. Weebly – PR 8, DA 97.
Wonderful website creator social network service. Add few posts or create your personal portfolio site. Links are DoFollow.

11. VK – PR 9, DA 97.
Vk is very similar to Facebook, actually. Originally a Russian social network, it definitely belongs in the top 10 social networks.

12. Evernote – PR 7, DA 92.
Registering account on Evernote is free. They do have a premium version, but the free version gets our job done. Right down a note for your website and you already have one more nice DoFollow link.

13. Webs – PR 7, DA 89.
Webs is a Web 2.0 service very similar to Weebly. So, create a quick website and find a way to add your link there. It will be good for diversity.

14. Storify – PR 8, DA 91.
All of the links you place in the content of your stories are NoFollow. However, you can still get one DoFollow backlink from Storify – the link in your profile page. It will be placed as a naked URL indeed, but still worth having in my opinion.


15. Google+ – PR 9, DA 100.
Google’s social network, although a NoFollow backlinks, still highly valued. Sharing each of your posts there is a good habit you can develop.

16. YouTube – PR 9, DA 100.
You can submit your URL under your Channel settings. You will need to verify that you are the website owner, though.

17. Blogger – PR 9, DA 97.
At last, but not least, is Google’s web blog publishing tool. You might want to be careful with Blogger. Start with a few posts about your line of work. Do not include links.

Blogger links are indexed very fast. Produce a high quality content that will contain your link in your favorable keyword as anchor. And try to make it as natural as you can.

Are You Brave Enough?

Not that I pressure you build all this sites in just one day. Building manual backlinks can be a pain in the ass. Take your time. But if you are relentless about these links, here are a few more that can help:

  • – PR 8, DA 93.
  • – PR 8, DA 94.
  • – PR 7, DA 89.
  • – PR 7, DA 83.
  • Hubpages – PR 6, DA 88.
  • – PR 6, DA 84.
  • – PR 6, DA 87.
  • – PR 6, DA 66.
  • – PR 6, DA 80.
  • – PR 6, DA 85.
  • – PR 6, DA 85.
  • – PR 5, DA 73.
  • – PR 5, DA 51.
  • – PR 5, DA 73.
  • – PR 5, DA 71.
  • – PR 6, DA 76.
  • – PR 5, DA 69.
  • – PR 4, DA 49.
  • – PR 3, DA 57.
  • – PR 2, DA 53.

I really admire you if you do all of these. But why waste so much time when you could have done it in a minute or two?

Like I mentioned above, FCS Networker is a Social and Web 2.0 account and link building tool. It has easy to use account creation software and even easier link building process. Gets the job done and saves a lot of time. Learn more about the software here.

Building a Different Type of Manual Backlinks

We are not finished yet. Google respects diversity, so we need to start expanding our comfort area. This not only will increase the number of backlinks, but might increase our non-Google traffic as well.

Start by finding problems regarding your business niche. Find relevant forums and communities and see what they are struggling with. Once you have a solution, refer them to your site by posting the link.

Be careful, though. You don’t want to post your website link everywhere. There are spammy websites out there.

Put yourself in the position of being Google. Is this a proper place for a link? More, is this link regarding the topic being discussed? These are the links that Google value the most.

Interact With The Community

As I have said before, building manual backlinks is not a one time job. You have to be constant in your link building participation. Finding new sources and creating new solutions is the way this game works.

If you can afford guest blogging, find people who need this as well. It is another lovely way in creating backlinks, which will increase your website traffic too.

Once you do guest blogging or any other article submission, make sure you use your URL into an anchor text, thus building a contextual link. Building contextual links helps Google understand what your website is about.

One of the great ways to boost your traffic, thus ranking is to make people like and share your content. Create something extraordinary and ask people to share your post. Offer them something in return.

This can be done by using social lockers. OnePress Social Locker is a great plugin that helps you do exactly that.

One thing you should be careful in the process of building manual backlinks is the blog and video commenting. Despite the fact that the article or video have to be relevant to your site, make sure there aren’t too many links present in the comment section.

Sometimes it is crucial to avoid comment sections with too many link comments. Mainly, the link juicy is highly reduced because it is being split by all those links. Secondly, if these links are spammy, they can hurt your site too.

Videos are an awesome source of bringing traffic to your website. Creating a video is never a time wasting investment. But, we will talk about increasing website traffic in a different post.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Buildings links manually is a great way to start increasing your website ranking and traffic.

  • Build manual backlinks on a Web 2.0 sites.
  • Find places where you can solve someones problem by sharing your link.
  • Guest blogging is a perfect way to bring traffic and create natural backlinks to your website.
  • Posting our links to blog comments deserves a second thought.
  • Building manual backlinks is not a one time job. Looking for new sources everyday is crucial.

I hope I helped you with this post. You can help me as well, by sharing this post. Share now and get a free trial version of OnePress Social Locker!

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I must also add that while it is interesting and rewarding to write a this kind of informative article because it would get digged by several readers we must make sure that the information we circulate is accurate. I couldn’t go through all the list but like to add some more information like… Most Forums are no-follow if you’re posting to forum do it for branding and building credibility not for linking. You can always confirm through ‘view source’ to see if the forum is do follow. And be careful how you use Forums else you could get banned. Do… Read more »


Hi, i have maked some of this backlinks, rebelmouse and many others, but latest 10 days already i do not see the links on the backlinks list of my page.

Is it possible ?

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Salty taste

its realy gr8 for newbez to get free backlinks of good quality well done and keep it up


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