SEO Strategy For a Successful Campaign Development

Many people here are asking questions like “is it possible” or “how to make money online?”. Once you clear your mind, plan your steps and act accordingly, you will find your way to success.

Implementing successful SEO strategy will require some predefined knowledge. Believe me, there are many useful tutorials for every aspect of SEO. You just have to find it.

What You Will Learn

How to successfully build SEO campaigns using my SEO strategy.
How people are making money online.
How to use your competitors in your advance.
What do you need to know in order to beat your competition.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

SEO Campaigns Need SEO Strategy

Most failed SEO campaigns do not fall apart because of a lack of hard work. Instead, they fail because of a lack of proper strategic planning. Additionally, when there’s a good strategic plan and keyword research, the actions taken didn’t effectively back it up.

This happens in SEO when website owners scatter their energies into random efforts which do not add up to top positions.

SEO strategy

SEO is a War

Beating the competition on the search engines is like winning a war. This is not such a far-fetched allusion – there is only one #1 position for any keyword, and there are usually thousands of websites fighting for that position.

Every phase of SEO is a part of that war. All of your actions need to coordinate and add up to make a successful campaign. In real wars, plans rarely survive contact with the enemy – all too often, they fall apart into a frantic struggle with unnecessary casualties and stupid mistakes costing victory.

How to Make Money Online


Despite real business and selling services, there are hundreds (if not thousands) other ways to make money online. Affiliate programs such as Clickbank and Amazon are just an example.

A fine way to go with these affiliate programs is by building an authority review site. Working with Amazon and Clickbank can be fun and productive especially if you advertise products from your line of expertise.

CPA or ‘Cost per action’ (similar to Pay Per Download) is another novice-friendly technique that will help you overcome the “impossible to make money online” thesis. It’s easy to implement link lockers that can monetize even some hack and game niche sites.

Contrary to the above, CPA is actually used as a real business model. CPA networks have real adverts, allowing you the possibility to build authority sites promoting these specific offers.

There are plenty of CPA networks out there. I have been with AdWork Media over a year now as here is why:

How to Win the SEO War

Keyword research is a key part of the strategic planning of an SEO campaign. In a war, the fundamental strategic decision is where to fight – to choose the battleground. Some locations are incredibly important -winning and holding these positions can turn the tide of the war and guarantee victory. In some positions, the enemy is weak – in others, the enemy is strong.

This is what you are doing with keyword research. You need to find the keywords which will bring you the greatest return for your efforts, and where the competition is not too strong.

Sometimes careful research will uncover hidden gems – valuable targets that your competition has overlooked. Other times you will need to plan for a long battle over a few core keywords.

Read Your Customer’s Mind

Once you have worked out who you should be selling to, find their on-line communities. There are forums and even newsgroups (which you can find on Google groups) for any market segment in the world.

Find these communities and look to see how they are talking about your type of product. What words do they use to describe it? Do they even know what it is called? What questions do they ask?


Doing this keyword research exercise will uncover keywords that you would never have considered by yourself because you will be looking at your products or services from an entirely different angle.

Once you have uncovered a list of keywords that your real customers are using, your next step is to discover who your real competitors are. Your real competitors are the businesses who are marketing to the same people!

Steal From Your Competitors

You find these competitors by searching on Google and seeing which sites and adverts come up. They might be your competition, but they are not your enemies. In fact, you can learn and gain from them a lot.

The adverts are especially important in keyword research for one very good reason – advertising is expensive, and these marketers would not be able to afford to keep advertising for these keywords unless they were profitable!

There are some websites which will help you to do this in-depth competitive research. These sites all do almost the same thing – my preference is SEMRush.

They take a huge list of the most profitable keywords (tens of millions of keywords), and they search Google several times per month. They track who is advertising and which sites are ranking for every keyword. And they track this data all the way back to when these sites first opened.

Estimate Your Strength

Evaluating the strength of your competition for each keyword is important. You also need to measure the amount of potential traffic that each keyword can bring for you.

When you evaluate the keywords (along with the competition), there are 2 different viewpoints that you can have.

The first viewpoint (also the one that is most widely taught) is to target the easiest keywords. This idea comes from affiliate marketers who are working for small commissions and plan to attack hundreds or thousands of “easy” keywords.

This is advisable if you lack the time and the budget to tackle the most competitive keywords and are looking for a quick win. A problem with this approach is that you are spreading your resources very thin. It is impossible to maintain rankings for thousands of different pages and so even when you do get a good result, you are at risk from competitors stealing your position.

A different viewpoint is to acknowledge that getting a good ranking for a highly valuable keyword will take hard work, and to plan for the long battle. Of course, it is important not to be overly ambitious and pick a keyword that will take years to rank for – nobody can afford to spend years working for free!

Beating The Competition

Whether you are a marketer, business owner or you are just offering SEO services, you probably have a set of tools that will build you links.

If you are neither of those and you are just starting, I suggest GSA SER and FCS Networker. Very easy to work with and are novice-friendly.

Quality is important, but so as quantity. We are not here to respect Google’s guidelines, they are written so we can break them.


Whatever you do, do NOT implement negative SEO on your competitors. As I said, they are not your enemies. Plus, your negative SEO might not succeed and you will additionally boost their rankings.

Truth be told, this article is not to teach you link building. It is expected from you that you’ve read a lot about off-page SEO and you know your way around. Throughout time I am sure you will develop your own link building and ranking techniques and strategies.

To be honest, every aspect of SEO is a matter of discussion. Especially off-page SEO. Something that worked for someone might not work for you. It’s up to you to try and experiment things.

Many are focusing on main keywords, others strive to long tail keywords in order to get to the main one. Everyone represent different anchor distribution. However, everyone agrees it’s important!

There are, however, two things you will always need: Variety of links and MORE links! Especially more links.

It’s time to step up in the big league. Go out there. Show them what you got!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Avoid the SEO tragedy by simply planning your steps and acting accordingly.

Using link building tools in the process of ranking your website is essential. You might need to learn the way software works. Don’t hesitate to do that.

There is only one #1 spot on the SEPRs and we are about to claim it. Here is what I do:

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