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Link Building Tools Guide for an Advanced SEO Campaign

This tutorial is focused on the strategy of using variety of tools in order to successfully build relevant links to your site. Thus, without harming it.

Before we start, let’s get one thing clear. We are not here to discuss the color of our hat. We are here to rank our sites higher and bank hard.

What You Will Learn

The essence of the process of link building.
What type of links do you need for your campaign.
What are the tools that create the highest quality links.
How to create a successful link building campaign.

What You Will Need

Money Site.
SEO Content Machine – a content creation tool.
GSA Search Engine Ranker – link building tool.
Instant Link Indexer – indexing service.
FCS Networker – Web 2.0 & social link building tool.
RankerX – The best high authority platform poster.
One more additional domain that will redirect to your money site.

Link building strategy

Search engine optimization exists from the day search engines were born. Many strategies and schemes that used to work back in the days are now dead. Some of them might have no effect on your site. Some of them might even do harm.

What caused the “death” of these strategies? Well, the answer is simple – revealing them with everyone else.

Widespread a method that works in terms of SEO is a quick way to kill it. Finding a loop in Google’s system is messing around with those numbers:

google worth as of may 2016

And yes, you don’t want to mess around with those numbers. You want to increase yours instead. That’s why we’ll be talking about link building in general, not a quick “rank-me-higher” trick or loop that works only today.

Link building is the most important part of SEO since the beginnings of Google’s PageRank. It all started with valuing high quantity of backlinks. In addition, G started giving significance to the quality of the links, thus giving importance to backlinks relevant to the site.

What we want to achieve is to build high quantity of backlinks with as high quality as possible, that are as far relevant to our site as possible.

Link building tools

Building backlinks manually is always exhausting and mostly unproductive. Not because the links won’t be good, but because you will probably need more than a decade to achieve success in terms of rankings.

Link Building tools every SEO should have

Some specialized tools can help us hasten the process. A must-have weaponry for every link builder.

Every tool deserves a special treatment, but to make the story short, will only stick to the crucial and most important parts of each tool.

Building Tier 1 Links

Before I talk about the tools we will use, I want to talk about the content. If my campaign is serious, I want to make sure my content is unique and readable on those tier 1 links.

Here’s what I do: I hire a freelancer (mostly UpWork) to produce 4 articles. He will write one unique article and will rewrite it 3 times, with the same number of paragraphs and meaning as the original one. It is important that the meaning of every paragraph is the same, only described in different words.

You want to see how I explain to freelancers the exact steps to understand the job easily? Share this tutorial and take my full description note.

Then, I use SEO CM to merge the articles. There is an option in SEO CM called Content Combiner for that purpose. After I merge the 4 articles into one, I spin it, preferably with SpinRewriter. So now I have one big, unique and spinnable article ready for a campaign.

seocm content combiner

I start by hiring 6 freelancers – one for FCS, one for RankerX and 4 for SER. Each FCS and RankerX campaign require a different set of articles (preferably).

If your campaign is not for a high competitive niche, than you can skip the article building part and use regular SEO CM articles instead.

FCS Networker and RankerX

These are my two favorite tools for tier 1 links. High percentage of successful account creations and article submissions. Especially with readable and unique articles.

web 2 links

First, I need to say that both tools deserve their own tutorial guide. Few things are important though, and utilizing proxies is one of them. The other one being using captcha’s. Stick with a high quality and unique content and these links will significantly help your rank.

As the variety of backlinks is exceptional, these tools enable you to post on various Web 2.0 and Social platforms. Although they help your ranking, it’s a fine way to build a brand and an authority site.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

SER is mostly used for building tier 2 content. But with high quality content as described above and a unique list, it will give your campaign a decent variety of links.

I promised I wouldn’t stick with the details, but there are few things that can’t be skipped but not told. Despite the fact you need GSA Captcha Breaker, you need additional captcha-solvers and OCR services such as Reverse Proxies, 2captcha, Antigate and/or Death By Captcha. At least those are the ones I always use, plus a few more.

Additionally, you need proxies. Do you want the best proxies? Definitely you want to stick with BuyProxies. I use the semi-dedicated ones, they get the job perfectly done.

When it comes to tier 1, I choose 3 type of SER links: Articles, Directories and Wikis. I skip Web 2.0 solely because SER is struggling to post and can’t create them. It usually ends up with either a banned IP or deleted post, unless you have SER Engines.

gsa uncheck engines for no contextual links


I always uncheck the engines that use no-contextual links and stick with do-follow as much as I can, although no-follow links are OK with me. Avoid to post on sites with more than 5 backlinks and keep your articles fresh throughout time.

Blogpost and Purchased Links

From guest blogging to high quality bought links, they are what we call them authority links. They play one of the most (if not THE most) important part in ranking.

Authority links can be acquired in many ways. A nice places to buy these links are the BHW Community, Fiverr and especially SAPE. Or you can create your own high quality private blog network (PBN). It takes time and investment, I know, but if you know what you are doing, it sure as hell can give results.

authority links to your money site

At last but not least, you need an indexer.

Building Low Tier Links

Tier 2 Links

Used to boost and increase the significance of the links that point to your money site. When it comes to Tier 2, you still want to have high-quality links, with a decent content and chosen platforms.

GSA SER is a decent tool for building these links. You can go with the same type of links as the tier 1, plus forum and social links.

Evaluate your time you want to spend building tier 2 links. If you feel that it deserves your momentum, feel free to use RankerX and FCS as well. It all depends on your dedication to the project.

We have focused on building high quality tier 1 links, avoiding many spam techniques that may potentially harm our website. However, there is a pretty safe method to build a decent amount of tier 2 links. And that is by using a 301 redirect from a domain to your money site.

301 redirect

You buy a domain (can be expired – niche related) and redirect it to the authority of your niche (Hugo Boss f.e. if you are targeting men suits). Start building a huge amount of links.

After 2-3 months, you should probably have at least 30k backlinks to this site. Now it’s time to redirect this site from the authority to your money site (check if it is still indexed on Google by searching ““).

When it comes to content for tier 2 campaign, mainly I use Seo Content Machine. You can use the same Upwork technique as described for tier 1. Still, depending on your campaign, it can be a little too much.


Tier 3 and Below

The lower you go, the less important the links are for your money site. These link can be build with GSA only, as we don’t want to lose a lot of time with them.

Every link build might be spamming, but too many links increase the chance of getting you exposed. Stick to the quality, especially on your tier 1 links.

Playing smart with these toys takes time. Remember – patience might be bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.

Beating the Competition

Link building is the key to ranking, but using all these tools might not bring your #1 spot. Keep asking yourself why? Because your competitor have stronger links than you.

In many cases, your competitor will use his own PBN and these will be nothing much you can do except building stronger PBN or obtaining stronger links from other high authority sites (such as Wikipedia).

However, there are cases when you can “steal” his links. There are forums, sites or platforms that none of the tools are capable of posting and your competitor has found a way to build links there.


Explore the links of your top 10 competitors by using a service such as Ahrefs or Majestic and save them in a file (preferably excel). Observe each link and see if there is a way to sneak in, and leave your link with a relevant comment, article or discussion.

Play it smart, you don’t want to look like a spammer and found your link deleted in the blink of an eye. If you are posting on a forum, try to post something relevant and interesting, and then you might state that you got all this information from this site (your site).

When it comes to articles, choose a handwritten instead of generated. You get the point, these links have double the value of regular ones. You increase your rankings and decrease your personal competitors by splitting the value proportionally.

There are many other techniques that will help you bypass your competitors, but I guarantee that if you master all these tools and grab the links from your competition, you will be unstoppable.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Link building is a delicate process that can be a little bitter, but its fruit is definitely sweet. These were the tools we agreed upon:

  • SEO Content Machine – The best multi-language content creator software.
  • GSA SER – Perfect for tier 2 links and below. However if played right, can be useful for tier 1 too.
  • FCS Networker – One of the best Web 2.0 and social link building tools.
  • RankerX – Semi-automated link building platform with extremely high success rate that post on lots of high authority sites.

These services will surely help you along the process:

  • BuyProxies – The best proxies for a great price.
  • 2 Captcha – Human CAPTCHA recognition solving service.
  • Death By Captcha – Additional CAPTCHA service for higher efficiency.
  • Reverse Proxies OCR – Recaptcha supported.

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